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Machine Learning Course Content

Course Introduction

  • Introduction of Machine Learning and its application in Day to Day life
  • Course overview and Dashboard description

Python core

  • Introduction of python
  • Installation of Anaconda Distribution and other python IDE
  • Python Objects, Number & Booleans, Strings, Container objects, Mutability of objects
  • Operators – Arithmetic, Bitwise, comparison and Assignment operators, Operators Precedence and associativity.
  • Conditions(If else,if-elif-else)
  • Loops(While ,for)
  • Break and Continue statements
  • Range functions

String Objects and collections

Tuples,Set ,Dictionaries & Functions

OOPS Concepts & Working With Files

Modules , Exception Handling & Database Programming

Data Visualization


Python Numpy

Python Pandas

Exploratory Data Analysis

Statistics for Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning 1

Machine Learning 2

Machine Learning 3

Machine Learning 4

Natural Language Processing


Extra session and Project

Interview preparation

Resume Discussion

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